Asian Women and the "Yellow Fever" Syndrome

When I was a member of YouTube, the majority of the videos I posted featured prominent Asian women in entertainment and sports such as Taiwanese singer A-Mei, Chinese actresses Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li, Thai golfer Virada Nirapathpongporn and South Korean golfers Se Ri Pak and Grace Park. Since being given the boot by YouTube, which is really cracking down to protect themselves legally, I have reflected a bit on some of the e-mails and discussions that those videos generated. Very often, a member that would identify themselves as being Asian would ask the question, why do you Americans have an Asian poster claiming to be Korean insisted that Korean women were only for Korean men and that we Americans should leave them alone.

I suppose my perspective on this issue is different than other Americans who do not have Asian heritage. However, this is an issue, because I do not at all look East or Southeast Asian, that I do deal with from time to time. Most people, when they meet me, either think I'm black (which I am) or Indian (which I am not), but only once has somebody even remotely thought of me as East or Southeast Asian. Because of this, I sometimes draw reactions from people who only have half of my story. One African-American woman who saw my head get turned by an attractive Asian woman, looked at me and called me a "fake @$$ brother" while a Puerto Rican woman told me I should only date "my kind." Neither woman was aware that I am half-Thai. I guess if I should only date "my kind" I'll have to put out ads for half-Thai, half-African American women.

Another perspective I've heard is from Asian and Asian American women who say they get tired of being seen as sexual playthings by American men. Many resent the US Servicemen and tourists, among others, who travel to Asia and have affairs with Asian women, making promises they know they have no intention of keeping and often leaving without a word, particularly when a pregnancy occurs. Then there are Americans here in the States who make the "me so horny" comments to Asian and Asian-American women, thinking...well, I don't know what they're thinking.

One thing I would say to Asian women is to not feel singled out when men make derogatory comments to you. They might frame those comments in racial stereotypes, but usually men like that make derogatory comments to ALL women. You just know the ones they make towards you. Having said that, I think there is a group of men who favor women of Asian heritage. My question is, what's so wrong with that? I think if they only see Asian women as sexual objects and nothing else, that's a problem, but probably one they would have with any woman of any heritage. If the man (or woman...I'm sure there are lesbians who favor Asian women as well, but this particular blog entry is dealing with the guys) finds Asian women attractive sexually, but also is interested in developing a nurturing, loving and faithful relationship with an Asian woman, I don't see the problem.

But I do realize there are creepy fellows out there who chase Asian women without thinking they are real people with real emotions and feelings. I am a member of a South Korean golfer forum and sometimes I wonder if we as members of that forum are a little too obsessed with the Seoul Sisters, as they are called. For many of us, myself included, the attraction to some of the Sisters is for their accomplishments as sportswomen but also is for their beauty as women. But is that any different for some guys who like Paula Creamer or Maria Sharapova or Natalie Gulbis or Serena Williams? We, their fans, pull for them to perform well in competition...and look good doing it. I don't think that makes us perverts...I just think that makes us men...but maybe that's the same thing! lol!

And as for actresses, attraction to their beauty has always been a part of movies and television. It's a visual medium and one that often chooses to rely on photogenic actresses. As an Asian movie fanatic, I have a great appreciation for the beauty of Asian women.

Of course, from the Asian perspective there is a pressure on young Asian men and women to maintain their "racial purity." Seeing an Asian woman with a non-Asian does anger some Asians...thus comments like "Korean women are only for Korean men." I cannot really speak to that anger...because I am a product of an interracial marriage, so the idea that somehow I am not "pure"...whatever...

In the end, it's kind of hard for me to comment too much on this subject, as I am half-Asian and there certainly is a "mommy factor" and self-identity factor in my interest in Asian women. I, too, sometimes wonder if people without Asian heritage think about their interest in Asian women, or whether they get a hard time from friends and family because of it.

Young Kim LPGA Corning Classic Music Video
Young Kim is a...well, young...South Korean golfer on the LPGA Tour. She has steadily played better each year she's been on tour, but that first win had long eluded her. Finally at the 2007 Corning Classic the girl with the JJ hat pulled through!! Congrats to Young Kim. To learn more about Young Kim and other Seoul Sisters, the Korean players on the LPGA, I highly recommend visiting the website,

Se Ri Pak MV
This is a music video I made in 2006 after Se Ri Pak made her comeback at the McDonald's LPGA Championship. I am a big fan of the Seoul Sisters, the Korean players on the LPGA Tour. If you are interested in learning about Se Ri Pak, Mi Hyun Kim, Grace Park and other great Korean Golfers, I highly recommend visiting

Rise of the Silver Surfer Teaser

Been waiting for the Surfer to be in a movie since I was a kid!

Krai Suk Kon MV Mai

Peace is Every Step : Meditation In Action (Trailer)

Who Am I?
Hello, all! I guess the first thing to do is say a little about myself. My name is Bobby. My father is African-American and my mother is Thai. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand but moved to the States when I was 3 1/2. I spoke Thai when I arrived, but soon lost that ability. As a kid growing up in the States, it was ok, since I wanted so much to be like the other kids. Now, as a mid thirties adult, I wish I had kept my ability to speak Thai. They say that movies, and art in general, don't cause negative actions...that is, if you like watching violent movies, it doesn't mean you have an aggressive personality. I think that's usually true, but sometimes people are influenced by movies...both positively and negatively. For myself, when I watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon...something just clicked inside of me...I suddenly didn't care if people didn't accept me as fully African-American or fully Asian. All the taunts I endured growing up faded away...I walked out of the movie ready to fully embrace who I was. For me, that meant fully embracing my Asian dark skin already made people lean heavily toward treating like an African-American, although I often get mistaken for being Indian. Since 2000...I have jumped into the pool of Asian culture of all nationalities fully and completely.

I also am a big fan of the Seoul Sisters, the Korean golfers on the LPGA Tour. My favorites are Se Ri Pak and Grace Park.

Anyway, that's enough for now. I hope to share more with you in the future :)

Some quick info on myself:

I'm a Buddhist. I am left of center. I am the future Mr. Zhang Ziyi (ok, I'm dreaming!!)


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